50 miles and all those hills

Ascending the Caradoc

On the first weekend in October 500 or so brave souls of all ages and all fitness levels tackle the Longmynd Hike. 50 miles in 24 hours climbing the Caradoc, the Lawley, the Longmynd (twice), the Stiperstones, Pontesford Hill, Caunden, Black Rhadley and the .

John and I have completed the event many times with John winning the novice staff in the seventies. We were pleased with times around 12 and 13 hours which assured us of a top 10 or 20 finish. These days the fittest complete the course in around 8 hours.

Entries for this year are already full but you can put your name on the waiting list and you may be lucky,

The Longmynd Hike

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